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We would like to express our sorrow after the events of Friday 29th November 2019 at the Fishmongers Hall in London. We are devastated by what happened, and stand in solidarity and grief with those we love who have lost their lives and been injured and with their families and friends. We honour Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt.

Saskia’s warm disposition and extraordinary intellectual creativity was combined with a strong belief that people who have committed criminal offences should have opportunities for rehabilitation. Her determination to make an enduring and positive impact on society in everything she did led her to stay in contact with the Learning Together community even after she completed a course with us as part of her MPhil in Criminology in 2017.  We value her contributions enormously and were always inspired by her determination to push towards the good.

We will miss Jack’s quiet humour, rigorous intellect and consistent hard work. His determined belief in those others might think are the least of us inspired him to join the Learning Together team after completing a course with them during his MPhil in Criminology in 2017. Jack’s passion for social and criminal justice was infectious. He was deeply creative and courageously engaged with the world, always advocating for a politics of love. He worked tirelessly in dark places to pull towards the light.

We are so very grateful to other members of the Learning Together community who bravely risked their own lives to hold off the attacker until the police arrived. These men included Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation staff and several people who have spent time in prison. They worked together, selflessly, to bring an end to this tragedy and to save further lives.

We come together in hope and determination with our community and colleagues in universities and criminal justice organisations around the country to honour those we have lost by standing in love and strength to work for the good of all.  We will be working with them in the coming weeks to suitably and sensitively pay tribute to our dear Saskia and Jack.

We ask you to respect the privacy of our community at this time.

The Learning Together Team