‘Just is’, just us and ‘Poetic Justice’

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People often ask us why our logo says ‘Just is’ before Learning Together. We think this poem, written earlier this year by one of our Grendon students, Tom, puts it beautifully. We included this poem on the front page of the November issue of our newsletter and have received several emails from people since, saying how much they’d enjoyed reading it.

Poetic Justice

There’s no justice

There’s just us

Just us

Just us so the onus

Is on us

On us

There’s no them and us

Them or us

There’s us

Just us

Not exclusively

But inclusively

Us at the heart of each of those words

Us is the start of not being scared

Them is impaired

Us is being heard

Them is compared

Us is ‘I dared’

‘I cared and I trusted’

‘I tared my internal scales of justice’

As just is as just does

There’s just us

There’s just us

Just us.

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