‘Power and criminal justice’: HMP Peterborough and Villiers Park – part 1

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In March 2017, students who were taking part in Villiers Park Education Trust’s ‘Inspiring Excellence’ law access to university programme, joined together with students who are currently resident in HMP Peterborough. Over two days, students thought together about ‘Power and criminal justice’, exploring legitimacy theory, the law on the right to silence, and the law and practice of criminal justice supervision and licence conditions in the community. Teaching was led by Amy and Ruth, together with two of our brilliant Learning Together staff team from HMP Grendon, Tom Hawker and Martha Morey.

At the end of each day in Peterborough everyone wrote relay poems about what we learned, taking it in turns to write a line of poetry each, before circulating the paper to our neighbour for the next line so that each poem that emerged, represented a group effort and collective learning. We thought you might enjoy reading a few of the poems:

Today I Learned

Today I learned how great ideas emerge from different perspectives.

I discovered a new mindset.

I was surprised by how knowledgeable everyone was.

I met some wonderful, intelligent people.

At the start, I felt unsure of what to expect.

Right now, I feel like I got a lot out of today.

I’m thinking about how this experience affected me and how I take it forward.

I want everyone to be equal.

Today I learned about criminology.

I discovered some new opinions about prisons.

I was surprised by the maturity of all of my peers.

I met new people with diverse opinions.

At the start, I felt wide-eyed.

Right now, I feel honoured and privileged.

I’m thinking about what it means to be equal.

I want every person to do the same.

Today I learned about everyone’s potential.

I discovered so much about justice.

I was surprised by the collaboration of ideas.

I met some good people.

At the start I felt nervous.

Right now, I feel changed.

I’m thinking about doing this again soon.

I want to keep learning things together.

Today I learned how ordinary everyone is.

I discovered mutual feelings.

I was surprised by the normality.

I met some really nice people.

At the start I felt apprehensive.

Right now I feel like my mindset has changed.

I am thinking about my future.

I want fairness and equality for all.

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