Flourishing creative talent

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Our Learning Together community is awash with creative talent. We wanted to share a few of the creative highlights from our community over the last few weeks:

Ellie and Moses’ poems exhibited at the Heong Gallery

At the end of this year’s ‘Introduction to Criminology’ course we were delighted to welcome Joelle Taylor back to Grendon to lead a session on voice and writing. Joelle never fails to inspire and energise and everyone wrote and performed some beautiful and powerful work. Moses and Ellie worked together that afternoon and wrote two poems, which were later submitted and accepted for exhibition as part of a pop-up called ‘Take me there’ with the theme of ‘Belonging’. The exhibition was held at the Heong Gallery at Downing College in Cambridge. An audio recording of Moses and Ellie reading out their poems was played alongside the texts of their work – a beautiful tribute to their creative collaboration.

Darren’s poem: ‘While you are alone’

Darren is one of our talented ‘Free Writers’ from Whitemoor. Earlier this year, he participated in a short creative writing course with us, led by Dr Preti Taneja. Since then, he’s been busy writing a book, and, when not busily typing up his book, Darren is still enjoying writing poetry. Darren shared one of his recent works with us (in his words) ‘to show you that I am putting the writing course to good use’.

Moses and Lewey:  ‘A practice of freedom’

We love hearing from our students, and a few weeks ago, were delighted to receive a copy of a new play that Moses and Lewey have written together called ‘A practice of freedom: a play of hope, loss, change and democracy’.

The play is set over nineteen scenes with a diverse cast list that includes rioters, a character called ‘Hope’, the Queen, Prime Minister and Justice Secretary. We’re busily thinking about possibilities for a collaborative performance. All ideas welcome, and to whet your appetites, a sneak peek at the first page of the script…

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