Two Worlds Collide – a poem by Shaun, a student on the Butler Law Course.

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Warren Hill residents – and Cambridge students

Coming together to learn – and to create some solutions

For a better tomorrow – simultaneously dissipating pollutions

Of the world we inhabit – for the race of the humans


We better be quick – as we know the robots are coming

Give every last drop – until we’re in a coma or something

And hopefully we will win – like when the Mobot is running

Just let’s avoid stubbornness – that could leave the whole plot scuppered


Two worlds collide – prison and university

But the language of education – is one that speaks universally

My case is cateogry A – I’m surprised you students aint  heard of me

But be mindful if you chastise criminals because you’re referring to me


I am ashamed of my old ways – so I’m here to produce new ones

If you judge me that will hurt – but I won’t tell you to do one

Don’t worry you’re all safe – homicides, I’ll only ever do one

Meanwhile many are convicted of murder – and they didn’t even do one


We’re here to explore laws – but we know there’s some that aint changing

But let’s focus on what we can do – clouds don’t always start raining

First, we start lying down – then we aim to be aquaplaning

Researching and collaborating – then successful campaigning


I see learners with a thirst for knowledge – form all throughout the globe

In a few years from now – they’ll be sporting wigs and judicial robes

Luckily for them – they fell on the right side of the judicial road

But its only half time for us cons – like when the ref gives two whistle blows


I will confess, amongst the students – I’m feeling slightly out of place

So I’ll give myself some credit – if I somehow see out this race

These uni folks are looking so far – they can see outer space

There’s not much light in my tunnel – I can’t even see out this maze


I hope this Butler course inspires me – to grow and use my time

And then maybe I can help – in one day reducing crime

If truth be told in total – I’m digging the student vibe

Why didn’t my parents push me – towards this uni life?


Some of these Cambridge scholars – are on greatness like Serena

I never thought international students – would ever meet this British geezer

Cuz now I’ve got a violent record – and that’s just mashed up the visa

I really wanna go Disneyland – But I’ll have to settle for Ibiza


Can’t go to Australia – watch tennis is the Rod Laver arena

All because I was a teenage witch – they should have called me Sabrina

A full time menace – a part time drug dealer

But now education is my way – education the redeemer


by Shaun, HMP Warren Hill

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