The pen is more powerful than the sword

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One of our ‘Free Writers’ in Whitemoor recently wrote the following poem and invited us to share it with the community. Enjoy!

One begins to realise, the pen is more powerful than the sword.

The sword has so much grief and pain, so many carrying it with an aimless and reckless cause, destroying without a pause.

Causing destruction wherever it is taken, cuts not knowing why it cuts, kills not knowing why it kills.

The world seems to be engulfed by dark clouds, the earth has been given blood to drink. How much more can it take? Man has truly fallen so low, taking life without a blink. How far is mankind willing to sink?

Does not the world think no more, where has gone the rule of law, where is the cure for this greed, why have we dropped the pen and forgotten to read?

So much has been achieved by the pen – history, science and philosophy. A sea of knowledge, teaching the meaning of life, guided and enlightened generations, forming great civilisations.

The pen is a weapon of the wise, taking many by surprise, defeated evil lies. Rulers, empires and regimes have struggled to suppress it.

The pen will continue to write, not giving up the fight, keeping the truth in sight, until the end of time hearts it will continue to ignite…

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